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Cannabis Gift Guide: The Best Marijuana Gift Ideas for Christmas

Cannabis enthusiasts deserve to get cannabis on Christmas day. However, shopping for the best marijuana gifts can be pretty challenging, and sometimes even confusing, for people who don’t have experience with cannabis.

This cannabis gift guide will help you choose the best marijuana gift ideas that any weed enthusiast will appreciate.

What are the Best Christmas Gifts for Cannabis Enthusiasts?

The cannabis industry is booming thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of recreational marijuana and its legalization in various states. Hence, there’s hardly any shortage of cannabis products and accessories in the market.

Below are some of the best cannabis gifts for long-time marijuana users and cannabis enthusiasts:

  • Proto Rocket Pipe

This classic hand-made pipe is often on the wishlist of most potheads. Every part is elegant, from its beautiful rounded bowl to its crescent swiveling top lid. It’s also easy to clean and has excellent functionality.

The newly redesigned model of the original 1960s Proto Pipe has removed the cumbersome tar trap and added an easy-access Tarburator Flip. Meanwhile, its Top Bowl Clip makes sharing hand-rolled items more sanitary.

  • Cannabis Grinder

A cannabis grinder is an inexpensive item you can gift to any recreational marijuana user. This tool can help them process dried cannabis flowers and turn them into materials that can be packed into a vaporizer or added to a recipe.

When the marijuana is ground correctly, it comes out in consistent bits that are simpler to roll a blunt with and burns more evenly. Furthermore, ground cannabis flower also works better in bongs or pipes.

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  • Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are products containing cannabinoids that are safe to eat or drink. Two of the most prevalent cannabinoids in these edibles are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has euphoric effects, and cannabidiol (CBD), which is non-intoxicating.

There are various cannabis edibles, such as gummies, potato chips, pastries, mints, and sodas. They also come in different marijuana strains, which affects their flavor. Before sending these items as gifts, ask the recipient first if they want one with THC or CBD and the dosage of the cannabinoid.

  • Cannabis Bouquets

If the gift recipient loves marijuana and flowers, why not send them a weed bouquet? You heard it right– a corsage made of cannabis is one of the best marijuana gifts you can send this Christmas.

Sending them cannabis buds, hemp flowers, or a combination of both will surely be appreciated by any recreational marijuana user. Make sure that your state has legalized marijuana before ordering one. Nearly any Massachusetts cannabis dispensary also has a florist that can help you create the perfect cannabis bouquet.

  • Cannabis Recipes Book

Did you know that marijuana can be used in various dishes? There is even a cannabis culinary movement that promotes it as an ingredient from salads to baked goods.

A recipe book is among the most excellent gifts for cannabis enthusiasts since it can give them various inspirations on how to cook meals with marijuana. Some cookbooks even contain cannabis-infused drinks and other beverage recipes.

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A Gift Guide for Your Canna-Curious Friends

Because of the popularity of cannabis today, some of your friends might be curious about what it’s like to consume it. If you want to cater to their curiosity, make sure that you give them cannabis gifts that are fit for cannabis beginners.

Cannabis Gifts for Him

Choosing cannabis gifts for your guy friends isn’t that too difficult. After all, men often appreciate whatever you give to them.

When it comes to marijuana gift ideas for men, the best ones include bongs, stash jars, CBD pre-rolls, and pipes. They often come in different designs, and some even have cartoonish themes.

Aside from marijuana products, you can also present them with accessories such as a lighter, water pipes, an ashtray, and a rolling stand. You can even buy them a psychedelic-themed t-shirt, and they will love it. After all, it’s often the thought that counts, not the kind or price of the gift alone.

Marijuana Gifts for Her

Coming up with marijuana gift ideas for women can be tricky since only a tiny population uses it. However, as more states legalize marijuana, you can expect their numbers to grow steadily in the coming years.

The best gifts for female marijuana enthusiasts are pretty similar to those you give to men. Mystery glass pipes, stoner kits, smoker sets, and cannabis organizers are definitely on top of the list.

You can also send them rolling trays, grinder kits, and pre-rolled cones. Pink-colored marijuana-related items or those with girlish themes are often preferred since it has a feminine feel.

If you want to learn more about other cannabis products you can send this Christmas, be sure to contact our dispensary; we are more than willing to help you. However, sending marijuana gifts to your cannabis enthusiasts’ loved ones is one way to show that you care for them.

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