The History of Marijuana: When was Cannabis Discovered

the history of marijuana

For decades, marijuana and its users have long been shunned by most societies worldwide. However, that changed in recent years, especially in the United States, as more places legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use. Today, cannabis is one of the most popular ingredients for various food, skincare, and medicinal products. It’s essential to look […]

Massachusetts Marijuana Laws: Is Cannabis Legal in Mass?

Massachusetts marijuana laws

Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are becoming more and more commonly used in many parts of the world, and cultural attitudes towards marijuana are also softening in many places, leading to changes in laws and rules around its consumption. But what about Massachusetts marijuana laws? Is Marijuana legal in Mass? And what kinds of Massachusetts […]

Cannabis Gift Guide: The Best Marijuana Gift Ideas for Christmas

cannabis gifts

Cannabis enthusiasts deserve to get cannabis on Christmas day. However, shopping for the best marijuana gifts can be pretty challenging, and sometimes even confusing, for people who don’t have experience with cannabis. This cannabis gift guide will help you choose the best marijuana gift ideas that any weed enthusiast will appreciate. What are the Best […]